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The only Musical saw of its kind bringing Saw playing to a whole new professional level. The combination of blade shape, gauge, temper and its unique playing edge design makes for the most responsive, dynamic and expressive Piccolo Saw on the market.

This Saw has been designed without teeth thus eliminating impure vibrations and harmonic problems allowing an incredibly high 2 ½ octave plus range, finer tuning accuracy and sound projection on the concert stage.  Pitched at least an octave higher than other Musical Saws this has a unique sound and an impressive sustain of notes for its pitch.

At Musical Saws NZ we take great pride in the quality of our product using only the finest materials available.  Each blade has been specially tempered to exact specifications and cut using the latest cutting technology to ensure no stressing of the metal and evenness of sound.

The unique playing edge is then formed making the Piccolo Saw far more responsive than any other Musical Saw out there.  What does this mean?  The time between bowing the blade to when the note sounds is minimized greatly to replicate the responsiveness of a Violin.  Extensive testing of each individual blade is then undertaken to insure consistently high quality of timbre and sustain of sound throughout the whole 2 ½ Octave range.

All Saw handles are hand crafted from beautiful Rosewood and finished with a natural looking satin finish.

We hope you enjoy playing this exquisite “Concert” Piccolo Saw. Whether you are just learning or an experienced player we know this will be the finest Musical Saw you will play.


Please view below for the range of the Piccolo Saw.

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